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Archaeology Club

Dear Members and Friends,

 A reminder of the Blandford Town Walk this Thursday, 21st June, from the Archway approaching the Blandford Museum at 7.30 p.m. by Liz Rawlings of the Civic Society.  The details of this Georgian town rebuilt after the horrendous fire of 1731 are fascinating, and many, unexpected.  There will be a charge by the Civic Society of £4.50p. (cheaper for our Group than their normal charge)


 Extra event.   Thursday 28th June, 2018.  A viewing of the authorised dig of part of the Dorset Cursus at Martin Green's Farm, Sixpenny Handley.  The various Neolithic Cursus Monuments, this one is approximately 82 metres wide bounded by two parallel banks with external ditches and over 6 miles long, are a mystery, and this dig may give some answers.  We are extremely fortunate that Martin Green has invited the Group to view this ongoing excavation.


He would like us to be at the Farm at 7 p.m., half an hour earlier than our usual meeting time.  Those of you who were with us for the visit last year will remember that he told us of his intentions then.


Directions:  A354 towards Salisbury from Blandford.  At first turning to Sixpenny Handley on the left, instead, turn right, and then in a short distance, right again.  Down Farm at the end of the track.  If you reach the Sixpenny Handley roundabout on the A354, then you have gone too far.  Donations requested towards his Museum.  Bring sensible footwear to trample through long grass.


 There will be an Evaluation of Finds session on Thursday, 26th July in the Blandford Museum from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Do bring along old items you have dug up in Blandford and the surrounding area, so we can add to Blandford's History.   The Dorset County Council's Finds Liaison Officer, Coirstaidh H Trevarthen, and Claire Pinder, the senior Dorset Archaeologist will be there to discus matters with you, and will bring specimens of ancient items.


 The Bournemouth University dig this year is at Purbeck White Park and their Open Day will be July 8th, 11.00 a.m to 4.00.p.m. We will give you more details if we received them.


 Our new Season's Programme from September is nearly ready and will include, Dan Carter, Miles Russell, Mike Allen, Martin Papworth and Adrian Green (with Pitt-Rivers artefacts), so it looks to be another good year. 


 We hope to see you!


Best wishes,
Sally (Woodlock)
Secretary of Blandford Museum Archaeology Group


julian witBlandford Museum Archaeology Club

 Blandford Archaeology Group was started in December 2011 under the Blandford Schools and Community Dig project, which was funded by a grant from Heritage Lottery to the Blandford Museum. The group was formed out of an Archaeology course that was organised by archaeologist, Julian Richards, Ancient Technology Centre Manager, Luke Winter and Blandford School teacher, Bruce Hansen.

 The club was formed after the course finished and has formalised its affiliation with the Blandford Museum. We meet at the museum on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm, unless there is a field trip organised. New members are most welcome. The annual membership fee is £10, which provides a museum membership, with the Archaeology Club as your main interest (and membership fees going to support club activities).

Photos show (top to bottom): Fieldwork with Julian Richards (above), digging at Bryanston School, digging at Bryanston School, Quiz Night Fundraiser in 2017, visting Martin Green's Farm and Museum. 


Arch Bryanston dig 1Arch Bryanston Dig 2Arch Quiz 2016Arch Martin Greens 2016


Blandford Museum Archaeology Group Newsletter Report Apr./May 2018

    We have had a brilliant year to date.  Attendances at all our Talks have filled the room, often to overflowing, and membership has greatly increased this year too.

   Our success has been because we have been lucky enough to get exceptional Speakers:  Lilian Ladle, Paul Cheetham, Julian Richards, Steve Wallis, Lawrence Shaw, Julie Smith for Edrys Barkham’s Report, and Mike Allen.  Next month on Thursday 17th May, Adrian Green of Salisbury Museum will be speaking on the life and discoveries of General Pitt-Rivers.  This will be a good follow-up on Mike Allen’s Talk on Wor Barrow last month, where General Pitt-Rivers had done much exceptional digging. 

  We close for the summer months, when people have better things to do, then reopen again on the third Thursday of the month in September.  We already have some additional Archaeologists lined up for that season.

   We have also been fortunate in organising Finds Days in November and March when the finds Liaison Officer, Ciorstaidh H Trevarthen together with Claire Pinder, Senior Dorset County Archaeologist visited our Museum to examine items bought in and evaluate/describe them. The many items included coins of Trajan and Richard II, stoneware, flints, sheep’s foot bone, parts of Clay Pipes, medieval pottery, beautifully beaded Edwardian bags, and a Tawse  - an instrument of punishment by (usually Scottish) schoolmaster that had 5 strips of leather!   Our next Finds Days are on Thursday 26th July in the Museum, and Thursday 29th November – place yet to be determined due to Museum renovations.  They occur between 10.30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Do bring your articles along to show Ciorstaidh, and help build Blandford’s History.  So far we have only found medieval items from within Blandford but Blandford has Burgage Plots which could be Saxon or Norman, and there have been Roman Finds all around Blandford but not from within, so please go digging in your gardens.

Our Quiz in January was again very, very enjoyable with Julian Richards as M.C. There were loads of Raffle prizes, so most went home happy. Our grateful thanks to our Di Hankins for organising it.

 We are not likely to be digging at Bryanston this year, but we have other sites in mind when we have made arrangements with the Farmers.

 Our events are listed on the Notice Board in the Archway to the Museum, and in Forum Focus.  Talks start at 7.30 p.m. but doors open at 7 p.m., and are free, but we hope you will give a donation. Everyone is invited.